Our Story

For 30 years, Andrew Steiner OAM has committed to and self-funded an outreach education program for South Australian public and private secondary schools and tertiary institutions teaching about the history of the Holocaust and his own story of survival as well as the lessons that can be drawn from that horrific event and its relevance in our modern world.

Now in his eighties, Andrew and his late wife Helen established the Remember the Holocaust Compassion for All Foundation to raise funds for the development of the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre.


With a very small South Australian Jewish community of approximately 1,200, it was clear that support for this project would be needed from Jewish communities in larger Australian centres as well as philanthropic funding organisations.

An initial grant from the Jakob Frenkiel Trust enabled the employment of Project Manager, Sue Drenth to manage the development stages of the project from the capital campaign through to the completion of the design process. The museum and education centre will open in 2020.

A significant early boost to the project came from the long-term relationship Andrew has had with the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide from joint Jewish / Catholic community commemorative events for Kristallnacht and the Remembrance of the Shoah annual services. An in-kind offer was made for a 15 year + lease of 3 ground floor areas of Fennescey House, 31-33 Wakefield St, Adelaide in the heart of the Adelaide CBD to house the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Education Centre (AHMSEC).

A capital campaign commenced in March 2017 with a generous pledge from Gandel Philanthropy, that in turn attracted numerous other philanthropic and private donors, with the funding goal for the museum fit-out achieved in June 2019. With the curation process now completed AHMSEC is now fully engaged in developing the design and fit-out of what will be the museum’s three gallery spaces.

Donations can still be made to AHMSEC and your contribution will allow us to provide Holocaust education for a complex, changing world. With a focus on visual and audio experiential learning with survivor stories at the heart of the education and museum experience, AHMSEC will advance efforts to encourage respect and compassion for all, helping to shape how younger generations and the wider community understand the history of the Holocaust and their role in society.