Thank You

The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Education Centre (AHMSEC) and its Trustees gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the donors who have contributed towards our goal of educating students and the general public about the history of the Holocaust and the importance of being an “upstander” to combat hate, racism and anti-semitism in all its forms. These generous individuals and organisations have contributed towards our goal of $270,000 to fit out Galleries 2 and 3 of the museum for the official AHMSEC opening in December 2018.

Founding Partner

Major Donors

Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation

The Jakob Frenkiel Charitable Trust

Sue Lefmann

General Donations

Itay Ahron

Revital Aharon

Snir Aharon

Elaine Barker

Bassat Family

Hilary Bein

Mark Bloustein

D Chirmuley

Suzette and Philip Chisholm

Lisa Cortez

Cousin Gyuri

Pamela Eglinton

Dr and Mrs Ellis and Family

Rochelle Getzler

Jack Gubbay

J S Gubbay

Peter Helman

Geoffrey Jarr

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky

Alexandra Knopoff

Kenneth Helfand

In memory of Helen Tversky-Steiner

Milton and Helen Knopoff

Steven Knopoff and Jill Noble

Lagnado and Gould Families

Leo and Marina Lander

John Lewis

Lyngala Foundation Pty Ltd

K F McLeod Adair

V Medding

Len Mahemoff OAM

Barbara Meth

Alec and Helen Morley

Geoff Muecke

Timothy Muecke

Ruth Marshall

Ildi Nacson

Naphtali Family Foundation

Sue Nothman

Ainslie O’Connor

Ron and Jill Peisach

Sara Sims


John and Ali Sulan

Jo Szwarc

South Australian Legislative Council

Eva Temple

The Friends of Israel

The Zuckerman Family

J Tversky

Sandy Wiesel and Eva Curtis

George Wilkenfeld

Peter Wilkenfeld

Miriam and Leon Zimmet

Karen Zonanetti

Michael Zuckerman

Nicola Zuckerman

Friends of the Museum

Claire Casucci

Alpha Cheng

Alison and Shaun Dwyer

Mike and Mandy Gold

Dean Hooper

James Family
(Wendy, Christopher, Benjamin, Rachel and Sam)

Russell Jamison

Larry Lockshin and
Janet Henrie

Vanessa Lucchesi

Alison Marcus

Ruth Marshall

Lyndsey Martin

Raya Mayo

Lina Melman

Jordanna Meschemberg

Professor Peter Monteath

Jacqueline Munn

Jasmine Munn-McDonnell

E Phillips

George and Rosie Rechnitzer

Zachariah Reveruzzi

State Zionist Council of SA

Jack Tillinger

Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann and J. Yang

Michael Zuckerman