Thank You

The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre (AHMSEC) and the Board gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the donors who have contributed towards our goal of educating students and the general public about the history of the Holocaust. Our programs encourage critical thinking around the themes from the Holocaust and reflect the need to combat racism, prejudice and antisemitism and the importance of practising compassion and understanding towards all people. These generous individuals and organisations have contributed towards our goal.

Principal and Founding Partner

Major Partners

The Jakob Frenkiel Charitable Trust

Erdi Foundation

Major Donors

Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation

Sue Lefmann
In memory of Freida and Leopold Lefmann

Andrew Steiner OAM

History Trust of South Australia 

Jakub Szwarcbord (Jacques Szwarcbord),
Peter, Markia, Jessica and Isabelle Szwarcbord

Marsden Szwarcbord Foundation and Ann Marsden


General Donations

Itay Ahron

Revital Aharon

Snir Aharon

Lyn Auger

Elaine Barker

Ralph Barouche

Bassat Family

Joe Bein

Mark Bloustein

Nathan Bolton

Elizabeth Bor

Noelene Buddle and David Shannon

City of Burnside Uniting Church

D Chirmuley

Suzette and Philip Chisholm

Tamara Correll

Lisa Cortez

Anni and Michael Delahaye

Cousin Gyuri

Pamela Eglinton

Dr and Mrs Ellis and Family

Eva & Kerry

Anj and Peter Foley

Rochelle Getzler

Katherine Goode

Mary and Richard Greenfield

Anthea Greig

Jack Gubbay

J S Gubbay

 Laurence Halabut and Jeff Meiners 

Mike and Evon Hanzalik

Kenneth Helfand
In Memory of
 Max and Lillian Helfand Abraham and Minnie Schilit
Leonard and Belle Shapiro 

Peter Helman

Prof Janet Hiller

Elizabeth Ho OAM and Michael Jacobs
in Memory of
Helen Tversky- Steiner

Honouring Peggy Brock and Norman Etherington

Colin Jacobson

Geoffrey Carr

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky 

Joe Kertesz

Alexandra Knopoff

Julian Casabas 

Honouring Peggy Brock and Norman Etherington 

 In memory of Helen Tversky-Steiner

In memory of Menachem Mendel Komesaroff

Heidi and Andrew Limareff

Milton and Helen Knopoff

Steven Knopoff and Jill Noble

Lagnado and Gould Families

Leo and Marina Lander

John Lewis

Julie Levi and Charlotte Kelly

Larry Lockshin


 Lyngala Foundation Pty Ltd

Greg Mackie and Jonathan Lambert

Kausman Mann Family Foundation

Alexandra Marsden and Michael Chisnall

K F McLeod Adair

V Medding

Len Mahemoff OAM

Barbara Meth

Alec and Helen Morley

Geoff Muecke

Timothy Muecke

Matthew Muscat

Ruth Marshall

Margot McMillan

Mathew Muskat

Ildi Nacson

Naphtali Family Foundation

Christopher and Simon Naylor, in memory of Heinrich, Margarethe and Ilse Altura

Sue Nothman

Rosemary Nursey-Bray

Ainslie O’Connor

Susan Paul

Ron and Jill Peisach

Uri Peisach
In Memory of Albert and Grina Peisach 

Gill and Leon Pitchon

Audrey Poole

Kay and David Ronai

Ann and Steve Rubner

 Danny S

Keith Sachs in Memory of Renee Sachs

Vanessa Savic

Maryasha Schild

Norman and Carol Schueler

Bud and Ilene Shapiro
in Memory of
 Max and Lillian Helfand

Ala Sheldon

Sara Sims

John and Ali Sulan

Jo Szwarc

South Australian Legislative Council

Eva Temple

The Friends of Israel

The Richardson-Pearn Family

The Zuckerman Family

J Tversky

WD Waterford and MT Lincoln

Sandy Wiesel and Eva Curtis

George Wilkenfeld

Peter Wilkenfeld

Jane Wilson

Miriam and Leon Zimmet

Karen Zonanetti

Lorre Zuckerman

Michael Zuckerman

Nicola Zuckerman

Friends of the Museum

Claire Casucci

Alpha Cheng

Alison and Shaun Dwyer

Mike and Mandy Gold

Kenneth Helfand

Elizabeth Ho OAM and Michael Jacobs 


Dean Hooper

James Family
(Wendy, Christopher, Benjamin, Rachel and Sam)

Russell Jamison

Larry Lockshin and
Janet Henrie

Vanessa Lucchesi

Alison Marcus

Ruth Marshall

Lyndsey Martin

Raya Mayo

Lina Melman

Jordanna Meschemberg

Professor Peter Monteath

Jacqueline Munn

Jasmine Munn-McDonnell

Claire Oremland

E Phillips

George and Rosie Rechnitzer

Zachariah Reveruzzi

The Rothwell Family

State Zionist Council of SA

Anna Steiner

Jack Tillinger

Les Watkinson (In memory of Bob Watkinson)

Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann and J. Yang

Michael Zuckerman