Physical Museum

The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Education Centre (AHMSEC) will be a series of 3 galleries across the ground level of Fennescey House. There is a total of 210 square metres of exhibition space with Gallery 1 able to accommodate up to 75 persons in a sit-down format. Gallery 2 will be utilised as a Survivors Stories space with Gallery 3 available as both an exhibition gallery featuring Holocaust themed exhibitions and a shared space between the museum and partner organisations.

Gallery 1:

A permanent Holocaust exhibition with a variety of curatorial elements that will trace the history of the Holocaust.

A large wall screen will be used to project films of the Holocaust for public tours of the centre and as a teaching aid for student groups. Technology will be utilised to engage visitors and provide a more immersive experience.

Moveable display cabinets will contain facsimile artefacts and descriptions regarding their provenance and will be able to be “refreshed” to reframe themes of the permanent exhibition.

Gallery 2:

In Year 1, this gallery will initially house a photographic exhibition, “Regina Zielinski – The Escape from Sobibor”, a local survivor (now deceased) who lived to bear witness and pass on the message of “Never Again” through her work in South Australian schools. Other local survivor stories will be developed throughout Year 1 and will feature portraits of Adelaide Holocaust survivors along with their life stories.

Gallery 3:

This gallery will display exhibitions on loan from the Sydney Jewish Museum, Courage to Care and the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) which will focus on themes drawn from the Holocaust and their relevance to the modern world. Gallery 3 will also serve as a shared space for community partner activities.