The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre¬†will provide an in-house Education Programme for secondary students in years 10 to 12 and tertiary students across the Adelaide metropolitan area. The Education Programme will enhance students’ understanding of Holocaust history as they study it as part of the Australian Curriculum.


The Education Programme draws on lessons from the Holocaust with a focus on human rights. It has been developed to teach about the consequences of prejudice, racism, discrimination and antisemitism, and to support students’ understanding of the consequences of apathy and silence; of being a bystander. The Programme is generally between 2 to 3 hours long.

Our current educators, who are Holocaust survivors themselves, will either conduct these programmes at the Centre, or in certain circumstances at your school. The Centre can accommodate up to 30 learners at one time and will be open Mondays to Thursdays for school programmes.

Please visit our Facebook page for further information as to the official opening date of the Museum and the commencement date for our new in house student programme. While the Museum is in its final stages of development, Andrew Steiner will continue to conduct a Holocaust outreach Education Programme for schools and tertiary institutions. All enquiries for student visits to: