Capital Campaign

Major Announcement!  Lead pledge made by Gandel Philanthropy.

Andrew Steiner OAM
Alpha Cheng
Nicola Zuckerman, Trustee announcing the Gandel Philanthropy pledge

The capital campaign to raise funds to establish the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Education Centre (AHMSEC) was launched  on March 25, 2018 at the Fullarton Park Community in front of a large home town audience.

Nicola Zuckerman, (Trustee of the Remember the Holocaust Compassion for All Foundation) welcomed the audience and introduced Andrew Steiner OAM who retold his story of survival to a clearly moved audience and encouraged donations to establish the museum.

Keynote speaker was Alpha Cheng, humanitarian, Multicultural and Diversity Advocate and 2017 ACT Young Australian of the Year finalist. Alpha spoke about his father, Curtis Cheng’s murder by a 15 year old extremist in 2015 and the influence that has had on his life and pathway to advocating for a kinder and more compassionate society that embraces diversity.

Project Manager, Sue Drenth outlined plans for the museum and Nicola Zuckerman then made two announcements: Firstly that the name of the museum would be the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre, honouring Steiner’s long commitment to Holocaust education and to establishing the museum.

Secondly, the announcement that Gandel Philanthropy, one of the largest private family foundations had offered a lead pledge matching donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000 which was welcomed enthusiastically by the audience. Nicole Brittain (Grant Manager, Jewish and Israel Programs, Gandel Philanthropy) then spoke of Gandel Philanthropy’s enthusiasm for and commitment to the museum project and their desire for the community to support the fundraising effort.

The launch ended with the audience very enthusiastic about supporting the project with media interviews conducted in the days following the launch (see NEWS).