“As a Jewish child I was educated about the Holocaust. I have been to several Holocaust Museums around the world, read books and watched countless movies and documentaries and even regularly stopped to observe this horrific part of history. 

On entering The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre I was moved, humbled and grateful. Grateful that such a thoughtful, elegant and poignant facility has been created, especially here in Adelaide.

Remembering and educating about the Holocaust, honoring those that died and those that continue to suffer through discrimination and racial persecution is a critical part of moving forward.

The relationship this exhibition has to South Australia and South Australian survivors establishes a historical context that really brings home these events.

This Museum is about human rights, tolerance and humanity. It is an essential tool in our journey to prevent future atrocities from happening and to assist in the healing for those who have suffered at the hand of perpetration and discrimination.”