About Us

Andrew Steiner OAM and Eva Temple
Andrew Steiner OAM
Adelaide Holocaust Museum & Steiner Education Centre

Mission and Purpose

The project’s mission is to educate students and the general public about the history of the Holocaust and the importance of being an “upstander” and to combat hate, racism and anti-semitism in all its forms.

The museum will preserve important historical information and artefacts and create an environment that promotes moral and ethical thought about current and future issues around hate crimes, racial profiling and anti-semitism.

Our Values

  • We practice compassion and respect for all
  • We educate against hatred and anti-semitism in all its forms
  • We believe in the sanctity of life
  • We encourage the power of one and being an “upstander”
  • We reach out to like communities to promote positive relationships and encourage acceptance of diversity
  • We will offer Holocaust education in conjunction with recognised Australian Holocaust education programs and scholars